About Us

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About Us

With the dynamic leadership we have entered in the World of Technology with the name of SUPERIOR CONNECTIONS. After remarkable performance in different fields of life we hope this step also take great part in facilitating superior human beings.

Superior Connections Pvt. Ltd. is a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their entire current setup, future Internet and private network needs. The company's customer base includes all consumers and all small- to medium-sized businesses, including start-ups. Superior Connections benefits from several strategic alliances by receiving very competitive pricing on most services, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services to customers. Superior Connections has a world-class management team with direct knowledge of the industry, extensive research experience, and unique administration skills. The key focus of Superior Connections is to provide modern ICT systems that will help its customers to create innovation, high quality, cost minimization and user friendly solutions within the organization. By working to simplify the creation, management, and support of our services, the company will enable customers to perform many tasks themselves, or automating these tasks based on the customer's stated needs. The company's extensive nationwide network and experience allows us to use most advance technology and services as well as also can handle an unlimited number of Clients and provide easy access of its services at most remote locations.

Our History

  • 2000

    Establishment of Superior Group of Colleges

    When the world was moving towards a new millennium, South Asian Educational Promotion Network (SAEPN) established Superior Group of Colleges under the young, dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate leadership of Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman and under the patronage of Late Malik Meraj Khalid (Former Prime Minister of Pakistan). The amalgamation of two purposeful giants proved fruitful and every year the name started to rise and grew more respected in the eyes of all academic circles and we entered into the field of Computers Sciences and Information Technology.

  • 2003

    Establishment of Superior Solutionz

    We launched our Software House with the name "Superior Solutions" which remain focused on Open Source technologies as well as Microsoft & IBM areas. We endeavor to build websites, ERP Modules, web portals and provide IT Business Solutions with technology that is beneficial to our clients. It is imperative to maintain a certain skill set and stay focused in a technology to gain the right insight and understand the limitations. This assists in making right design decisions and prevents rework and maintenance later.

  • 2004

    Telecommunication and Networks

    With the growth of telecom sector, we also initiated and started offering telecommunication and networks programs for IT professionals.

  • 2006

    Superior Communications

    As Pakistan initiated its interest in ITES (Information Technology Enabled Service) and often the business processes were forming into information technology based, so Superior also took another step into BPO, and started Superior Communications a BPO and contact center services firm.

  • 2008

    100 canals campus of Superior University Raiwind Road

    Keeping up its routine, Superior started taking huge projects creating its own infrastructure in the field of Information technology by setting extensive network from a 100 canals campus of Superior University Raiwind Road, towards building campuses all over the Punjab.

  • 2009

    Starts degree programs in the Field of Engineering

    In search of exploring new horizons, we took a huge step towards glory and initiated offering Degree in the Field of Engineering as well, with the recognition of Pakistan Engineering Council.

  • 2011

    Daily Nai Baat

    The upcoming demand of extensive media networks required us to jump into another dimension creating one of a kind newspaper, bearing contents which are readable for all the ages and generations, named as Daily Nai Baat.

  • 2013

    Establishment of Superior Connections

    With the dynamic leadership we have entered in the World of Technology with the name of SUPERIOR CONNECTIONS. After remarkable performance in different fields of life we hope this step also take great part in facilitating superior human beings. SUPERIOR CONNECTIONS offers a wide variety of connectivity options for mission critical needs. SUPERIOR CONNECTIONS has continuously expanded its product portfolio according to demands, and today we are one of the very few companies that offer everything from domain registration to Website, Graphic designing, Software development, Network Solutions, Bandwidth connectivity (Wireless and Fiber Optic) Customer & Tele Support Service, Print Media and Consultancy. We always seek feedback from our customers. By listening to our customers' feedback, compliments, requests and needs we are able to accommodate their requests while continuously improving our areas of expertise and expanding our product portfolio. This is why we would love to hear from you if you have requests for new services,products or questions about the products that we offer. We are continuously striving to further developments and improvements to our services & product portfolio, in collaboration with our partners and clients.